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Please note that our prices are fixed in American Dollars. The figures in the currency converter are given for the information purposes only and may change according to the corresponding exchange rates of the European Central Bank.

Please note: the VAT tax is excluded from the listed prices. Only our EU customers are charged VAT. It’ll be automatically included in the order cost during the payment process. Also, a currency conversion fee will be applied to your account as you will be charged in the US dollars. Remember that VAT, Discounts and “Extras” are not subject to refund.

Presentation Slides:

One power point slide costs 50% of our price per page.

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Our Extras:

You can make your experience even more amazing with our Extra features designed for your ultimate satisfaction:

  • VIP customer service.
  • With this option, you become #1 customer for our Customer Support Representatives, just like your order. We will give all your requests and messages our utmost attention, and you will receive SMS notifications on the progress and completion of your order. This convenient service is available at just $14.99.

  • Preferred writer.
  • “My previous writer” option lets you work with one of your previous writers by entering the writer’s ID into the order form. This option does not affect the price. However, if the selected previous writer happens to be our TOP Writer or Advanced regular writer, your order price will be increased in the same way as if you chose the “TOP Writer” or the “Advanced regular writer” feature. Selecting “Regular writer” does not affect the cost of your paper. You can also choose an “Advanced regular writer” to work on your order. The feature is available for a smaller fee than the “TOP Writer” option, and it will ensure a better result than “Regular writer”.

  • Plagiarism report.
  • You also have the option of receiving an official proof that your paper is original. All you need to do is to choose the option “Plagiarism report”, which will be provided WebCheck – one of the most trusted plagiarism detection services. It will be available after the order has been approved.

    Single-spaced pages: 1 – 5 pages – $9.99, 6 pages and above – $11.99 plus $2 for every additional page;

    Double-spaced pages: 1 – 10 pages – $9.99, 11 pages and above – $10.99 plus $1 for every additional page.

  • Abstract page.
  • Choose this option if you require an Abstract for your paper. Its price is $14.99.

  • Sources used.
  • With this extra, you can get the materials used for your paper! When you purchase the “Sources
    used” extra, you will get a soft copy of the sources used in .doc/.docx/.pdf formats or, alternatively,
    as print screens or images of the pages referenced. The materials will be available for download in
    your control panel upon the order completion.

  • Table of contents..
  • If your paper needs a proper table of contents, add this extra in your control panel.

Discounts writing service offers many discounts and special offers through email. In
addition, you may also contact Customer Support Representatives to get the following discounts:

  • 5% price reduction if the cost for your order is more than $500;
  • 10% discount if your order’s cost is above $1000.

Note that discounts do not apply for orders below $30. Discounts are not refundable and cannot be combined.

VAT is non-refundable. Our Extras, such as “TOP Writer”, “Abstract”, “Plagiarism report”,
“VIP customer service”, “Advanced regular writer”, “Sources used”, and “Table of contents”
are not subject to refunds either.