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Top 10 Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing can be easily considered the most painful yet interesting assignment that has to be completed during school and college days. Writing is not easy, because it requires a thorough understanding of the subject and the ability to express that understanding in words. Essay writing is considered important also during selection processes in many schools and colleges and hence deserves your attention. Some of the essay tips which can help you in writing a good and presentable essay are mentioned below:

  1. Manage Your Time: Time management is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It does not mean scribbling anything and everything, it simply means to optimize the time allocated in such a manner that all the important points get adequate time for framework. To optimize the time one should start searching for useful materials early enough to save valuable time on a later stage.
  2. Understand the Topic: the topic given for essay assignment should be scrutinized with care and each and every word should be meaningful to the writer. One can gain greater knowledge about the subject by doing quality research on the matter and also taking help of internet sources whenever possible.
  3. Arrange the Thoughts and Materials: the biggest folly of most of the writers is having plenty of data but not being able to organize them in a presentable way. The data and materials collected should be divided and presented in manner which makes sense and also keeps the interest of the reader intact throughout the length of the essay. One can also jot down points and they change the numbering sequence at a later stage.
  4. Use Examples: people like reading essays and articles with which they can connect, hence it is advisable to use day-to-day examples and keep the interest of the reader alive. If one is facing any problem in expressing something, then the writers can always take help from articles and essays written by other people. These essays can act as reference and should be kept handy.
  5. Exempt from Plagiarism: using others work as reference is a good point, but copying facts and sentences from that source comes under plagiarism. Plagiarism is not advisable, as they do not show the depth of knowledge the individuals possess. Simply changing few words in other’s article is also not a good practice at all. There are numerous computer software programs available nowadays which can detect plagiarism within few seconds.
  6. Write a Quick Draft: always make a practice to write down all the thoughts which cross the mind while writing an essay. Relying solely on memory for facts and data should be avoided.
  7. Write Multiple Drafts: write and rewrite the essay till you get the satisfaction from it. Make sure that the introduction and conclusion parts make the reader feel the topic with the heart.
  8. Be Simple: writing an essay is not about showcasing the strength in vocabulary and using classy English. The subject matter should be explained in simple flowing English. The sentences should be made in manner which uses lesser words in explaining a scenario. One should make a point to make every word count.
  9. Format and Presentation: a good essay may also not get apt attention if the format and presentation are not up to a certain standard. One should make a habit to stick to the format of the essay as specified.
  10. Be Unpredictable: think differently and stand out from the crowd. Choose topics and words which are rarely used by other writers.